Summary behaviours of Carl Jung’s Personality Topology

Summary behaviours of Carl Jung's Personality Topology and recommended investment styles for each personality
  Thinker Feeler Intuitor Sensor
Behavioral Focus Structure, logic, organization problem solving Expression, human interaction, projecting feelings Imagination, theory, envisioning speculation Doing, competing, getting results
Value Orientation Quality, being right, ethics Family, friendship, loyalty Concepts, ideology, discovery Action, winning, wealth
Time Sense Past, present, future Past Future Present
Motivated By Logical, scientific challenge; systematic inquiry Love, sense of contribution, recognition Pioneering spirit, inventing, creating Stimulating action, achievement, controlling, gaining an edge
Behavioral Comfort Zones Analytical tasks, data collection; logical comparisons, weighing data, forecasting consequences Human interaction tasks, being "on stage", probing, analyzing others Unstructured creative tasks, discovering "why", using imagination Concrete tasks, practical situations, goal-oriented simplicity
Behavioral Discomfort Zones Interpersonal communication; situation requiring fast decisions Structured situations; taking orders; impersonal, scientific; demanding accuracy Bureaucracy, adjusting to mass psychology, making things happen quickly Free-form, vague, hypothetical, theoretical, moving slowly; no goal, no bottom-line
Hobby Orientation Non-fiction books, computers, photography, collecting Social, entertaining, family interaction, fiction, volunteering, beach scene Reading, walking, back-packing, mountain-climbing, chess, other intellectually oriented games Competitive sports, wheeling-dealing, acquiring, gambling, finance publications, action games
Oral Communication Structured, careful Personalized, marked voice inflection Professional, stream of consciousness, associative Assertive, controlling, confronting
Written Communication Planned, organized, geometric Unplanned, spontaneous, warm Technically oriented, abstract, idea oriented Short, simple, directed to action
Color Preference Cool colors Warm colors Color blends Bright, hot colors
Dress Preference Conservative Informal Unpredictable Functional
Work Environment Preference Ordered, neat, data at hand Homey, comfortable Think-tank, high-tech Demanding, fast-paced, competitive
Work Content Preference Problem solving, law, engineering, accounting, computers, sciences Helping professions, acting, selling, cooking, psychology, ministry, retail business Research and development, science, new product design, planning, economics, causes, teaching Entrepreneurial business, financial investing, construction and land development, sports, sales, decision making, risk-taking

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